Bungee Super Fly

Workshops and brainstorm sessions focused on the online positioning of Bungee Super Fly together with concrete campaign examples. 



Become a market leader in the field of Bungee work-outs. Bungee Dance, etc. A close community that exchange information with each other, keep innovating and see Bungee Super Fly as a good addition in their life / company.

Method of working: 

First I did a quick online scan of their presence and proposition and came  to the conclusion that there was still some refinement and consistency needed before we could start online content and campaigns. During two day sessions we went down to the core and formulated the big Why, mission and vision of Janneke, the founder, and thus of the organisation (using methods of Simon Sinek). This was a very practical and useful workshop where not only team building took place but also more clarity on social content topics and to-do's. In order to prioritise between all the tasks; I also introduced the 'scrum' way of working using a big board with bi-weekly post-its and responsibilities to create a more sense of focus. Next we set up the first social - online campaign with the 'give and you receive model'. This was to create a chance for the target group to experience a pre-teacher training before the actual purchase and show insights to the team on how such campaigns are built. 


The sessions brought a lot of insights on where Bungee Super Fly stands, what was still missing to take next steps and how getting the target group excited worked well through social posts but there was a  need for more after-sales, nurturing to convert the leads and more face-to-face sales was necessary to stabilise the business in the market.