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Reach your goals through content marketing, goal-specific campaigns & data insights with an Agile & user-centred approach.


"Turn Conversions into meaningful Connections."

“How do I convince people to buy my product?”

“How do I improve my website performance?” 

“How will more people know about my business?” 

“What kind of content do we need to grow our business online?”

These are just a few of the questions I receive before starting a cooperation with a company, startup or entrepreneur. 


For me, it goes back to the fundamental concept of ‘give and you shall receive’ which these days is termed under 'Content Marketing' and ‘Value Creation’. The underlying approach is to take the time to really get to know your users & their needs to find the sweet-spot between their and your (business) needs. 



Fundamentally, the most successful online campaigns were always those where there was a good mix of..:

  • a (clear) idea of who the target group is.

  • a product/service that matched what the target group needed.

  • predefined targets and a vision.

  • a pleasurable and easy user experience.

Where can your business use more support or inspiration? 


Stop chasing your clients. Let them come to you.

The Fact is.. 80% of your clients are NOT ready to buy your core product when you approach them. In fact, as in every relationship, at the beginning there is almost No (!) trust. So instead of running after them continuously and trying to push them to be ready; focus your energy on sharing valuable content they will want to read or consume, follow and engage with them and when the time is right; they will come to you. 


Goals and dreams of companies I have worked for & contributed to the last years:


And recent entrepreneurs I have consulted:

*Gyula Ákots, founder of GuideForFishing: gave start-up marketing consultancy for, conversion optimisation & content marketing advice

*Chris Popma, political candidate: built temporary campaign website and online branding, social strategy advice

*Ted van der Put, freelance sustainability consultant: built website and gave online branding advice.

*Ivan van Tuinen - The Sparring Partners: improved layout and content frontend for with minimal html improvements backend.


Just as no person is exactly the same, so is every project unique. 

Based on your question, challenge or project we can agree upon the right compensation. As setting up an Adwords account requires a little less energy, time and research than solving a whole re-branding of an organisation. Let's see what fits each other the best. 


What others say..

Ted van der Put
Strategy Consultant


It was a real pleasure to work with Zita on my new website. The way she captured the mission and values in the webs design showed her creativity and professionalism in this field. She modeled in our working relation excellent preparation and follow up. Next to that it was a personal pleasure to work with her as a person, with her enthusiasm, sense of humor and curiosity. It all resulted in having a very future proof and attractive website, a pleasant learning experience and all for a very reasonable fee.

Matteo Marziano Graziano Artistic Director

I had the pleasure and the fortune to have Zita as teaching guest for a 3 days workshop on online marketing, art entrepreneurship, and social media. The inputs and value she brought into the room had a huge impact on my team. We could implement easily tools and new knowledge, and had a very good downtime time, too. Fast thinker, up to date marketing expert and dedicated world changer. I would hire her again and again, and so should you!

Chris Popma              Political Candidate

Wilde je nogmaals bedanken voor je hulp. De website werd heel goed bezocht, dat was erg belangrijk. Heb eerste stappen op FB gezet daar heel blij mee. Dus overal ben ik heel tevreden. En heb nu een platform waar ik verder op kan bouwen. Nogmaals heel erg bedankt!!

Join the Social UX meetup in Utrecht

From September, 2018 I will be hosting a series of meet-ups in Utrecht in cooperation with Interaction Design Foundation & The Social Impact Factory. The topics are based around the core message of “By understanding and growing empathetic to your end-users, building up a meaningful relationship with them results in more pleasurable & successful products, websites and experiences”.


Social UX: Help your customers fall in love with your product

Why do people fall in love with a product? And what can the universe teach us about data & customer journeys? Join Brian & Mark on the 26th of September as they take us through their vision & practical experiences during the meet-up topic:“How to help your customers fall in love with your product & selling a half a glass of water.”


Social UX: Crack the case breakfast workshop with Janneke van Amelsvoort

Put your UX, marketing, business or other talents to the test and help an entrepreneur out with their real-life business challenge. On this morning Janneke van Amelsvoort founder of Aerial Yoga Nederland, Bungee Super Fly and Super Fly Studios will present her case, their challenges and her world-changing vision which you can contribute to directly..


Social UX: Success depends on your relationship with your users

We can confidently say, that we are ALL trying to (positively) influence each other in some way or another. Within business, we try to do that primarily through the products, services and websites we build. No matter what problem you are trying to solve there are two questions which are key for success or failure..:

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