Did you came here wondering if I could answer a question? Or possibly to help with a challenge? Or just out pure of curiosity? In any case, I hope this page and website gives you the information you are looking for.

Who am I: Well, in some way that is a very philosophical question which we can discuss extensively in the future but to give you an idea of the person behind this website; here are some short facts.

Experience: 6 years in divers online marketing & website development related roles (from creating a strategy and facilitating workshops to setting up cross-channel campaigns with a specific conversion goal). The most recent projects have been for fundraising, campaigning and for small-medium sized commercial entrepreneurs or startups. In 2017, I started my own company (pelanbeans.com) in importing coffee from Indonesia in a fair and human way. I started this company mainly for two reasons: (1) create more awareness in people on the impact of their consumption and (2) because I believe starting your own company teaches you more than sitting behind a desk. 

What I use to solve complex questions: experience from past projects (the bad and the good), psychology, marketing know-how, principles from Design Thinking and UX Design tools. In short: a comprehensive approach and extensive toolbox.

Work ethic: Two hats. On the one hand, I am very responsible and take the task/challenge with seriousness and dedication. On the other, I believe in an agile, flow where sometimes you need to change course and your ideas quickly in order to grow.

Favourite projects: Where there was openness, challenge and cohesion while working together. I find projects dealing with transition or building something new out of nothing the most challenging and most insightful to my personal growth. 

Last words

Feel free to connect! On social media, LinkedIn or by phone. You have no obligation if you just feel like having a quick brainstorm. Happy to share my opinion or just listen. 

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A few months ago I published a story " Why Data isn't enough - Confessions of a Digital Marketeer" where I began to highlight the shortcomings (from personal experience) I see in the field of Digital Marketing and how user-centred principles could help with these blindspots.