WAKAWAKA - Social Entreprise

Online {Content} Marketeer & Product Owner @WAKAWAKA 

Task description

During an intensive 3 month period the clients were looking for someone to take over the digital marketing, online sales and content management for the paid social campaigns of WAKAWAKA. This is a divers role from working out the online strategy of the new branding direction, creating new website content/product presentations while setting up and monitoring all paid campaigns and email marketing to drive sales. 


Although the new branding of the “outdoor product” was in place it was not yet worked through on the website, the communication or social campaigns. For this, I came up with different target groups of outdoor people, specific website landing pages with a product assortiment and social campaign concepts to drive engagement and sales. By working together with the team, we were able to distribute new, fresh content (imagery, text) to achieve these goals. I coordinated and placed all this content on the right online channels and website while monitoring results and refining the budget. 

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