Join the Social UX meetup in Utrecht

From September, 2018 I will be hosting a series of meet-ups in Utrecht in cooperation with Interaction Design Foundation & The Social Impact Factory. The topics are based around the core message of “By understanding and growing empathetic to your end-users, building up a meaningful relationship with them results in more pleasurable & successful products, websites and experiences”.


Social UX: Help your customers fall in love with your product

Why do people fall in love with a product? And what can the universe teach us about data & customer journeys? Join Brian & Mark on the 26th of September as they take us through their vision & practical experiences during the meet-up topic:“How to help your customers fall in love with your product & selling a half a glass of water.”


Social UX: Crack the case breakfast workshop with Janneke van Amelsvoort

Put your UX, marketing, business or other talents to the test and help an entrepreneur out with their real-life business challenge. On this morning Janneke van Amelsvoort founder of Aerial Yoga Nederland, Bungee Super Fly and Super Fly Studios will present her case, their challenges and her world-changing vision which you can contribute to directly..


Social UX: Success depends on your relationship with your users

We can confidently say, that we are ALL trying to (positively) influence each other in some way or another. Within business, we try to do that primarily through the products, services and websites we build. No matter what problem you are trying to solve there are two questions which are key for success or failure..: