"Turn Conversions into meaningful Connections."

- Zita Dusa 


“How do I convince people to buy my product?”

“How do I improve my website performance?” 

“How will more people know about my business?” 

“What kind of content do we need to grow our business online?”

These are just a few of the questions I receive before starting a cooperation with a company, startup or entrepreneur. 

For me, it goes back to the fundamental concept of ‘give and you shall receive’ which these days is termed under 'Content Marketing' and ‘Value Creation’. The underlying approach is to take the time to really get to know your users & their needs to find the sweet-spot between their and your (business) needs.

Fundamentally, the most successful online campaigns were always those where..:

  • there was a (clear) idea of who the target group is.

  • there was a product/service that matched what the target group needed.

  • there were predefined targets and a vision.

  • there was a pleasurable and easy user experience.

Where can your business use more support or inspiration?