End the Cage Age & FOUR PAWS

International Digital Fundraiser @ FOUR PAWS International

Task description

During the pregnancy leave of the team lead, there was a need for someone to support the digital team in-house with campaign coordination and digital fundraising activities for the United Kingdom and South Africa. These fundraising activities included: coming up with social content and campaigns, writing copy, creating donation request emails, defining the strategy and budget needed for the year, coordination of content and campaigns with other markets and writing proposals for budget. 


For the End the Cage Age campaign (an international campaign involving 140 NGO’s) I created a full digital strategy and re-launch of the underperforming website. Through the redesign of the website, creating own in-house and agency driven creative content and setting up goal specific campaigns we were able to achieve 45% of the target in 3 months opening up the possibility to achieve the goal in the following half year. The website conversion rate also went from average 4% to average 20% due to the improvements in journey, tracking and communication.